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this is for all the kids who glow in the dark. I'm the narrator and this is just the prologue.

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Today is the day. I honestly don’t remember a world without terrorism, or where the TV could be turned on without hearing anything to do with war. But such is our world today. Most people will say they remember where they were when the towers went down. I’m no different. I was 7 years old, sitting in daily mass. My mom later would try to explain to me what was going on and told me that I wasn’t allowed to turn on the TV. I found out that the first plane crashed during the words of consecration. Knowing this, I remember feeling a sense of hope - that 13 years later truly hasn’t left me.

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Who is this Jesus you worship? [an alternative & realistic look at Jesus Christ - Messiah]

I always find it a bit odd when I observe the images people conjure up of Jesus Christ.

It’s like we’re reading two entirely different Bibles at times.

The world has fallen for this portrait of a caucasian, tender-hearted, pushover with an unusual love for bright colored clothing. [Jesus was a poor Jew…]


This isn’t quite the vision that comes to mind when I read the Scriptures. Jesus knew the truth and he let it set Him free - fully human and fully divine, He walked as one among us.

The Jesus I praise was/is an unconventional, controversial, rebellious badass with serious balls. He was point blank, frank, blunt even. Unafraid to call it like He saw it. He turned tables - literally. Often times He would just call people out for what they were - religious hypocrites, close minded, and racist (take the story of the good Samaritan for example). Sure He had a soft spot for the underdog, but that didn’t make Him a wimp by any means.

Jesus was a full blood Jew in the royal line of King David (the badass who killed Goliath). His fingers were probably callused, His skin dark and worn from years of hot carpentry work in Israel’s harsh climate. He most likely wore humble garments that were far from white (and not clean by today’s standards) and His hair probably wasn’t kept.

My Jesus was a radical revolutionary. One might even call Him a hippie of sorts - living by a message of peace, hope and equality for all of God’s creation. So where exactly the modern mainstream image of Jesus originated from I can’t seem to figure out. When people speak of Jesus, sometimes I have to stifle a laugh. I’m sure from up in Heaven at the right hand of the Father, Jesus chuckles a little bit too.

Perhaps we need to rediscover the Scriptures and remember our fearless and bold Savior. A man who was tender enough to welcome children into His arms, yet firm enough to turn the whole world upside down, bringing people to their knees. He wasn’t afraid to turn the other cheek, but He certainly wasn’t afraid to let His voice be heard either.

This is the Man-God that early Christians were willing to suffer extreme torture and executions for at the hands of the Romans.

Clearly this God, messiah, prophet, teacher, Lord, savior is unconventional.

Part of me can’t help but paint this picture in my mind of Jesus with two bold fingers up in the face of the nagging pharisees. 
…but that’s just me…and I’m weird.

I suppose the beauty and appeal of Jesus Christ is the fact that He is the Savior of all for all. There are no boundaries or limits to His love and mercy. It’s just hardcore 24/7 lovin’. He can be whatever we want Him to be because He wants our relationship to be personal and intimate. 

So whether your faith is catered to the common caucasian Jesus of Western pop culture, or my rugged and radical one, the point essentially is this: Jesus does love you individually with a fiercely unconventional and passionate love. And that I hope is something we can all agree on. :)

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Happy Easter Sunday ya’ll! I hope it is blessed.

"Sin has lost its power, death has lost its sting, from the grave You’ve risen victoriously! Into marvelous light I’m running out of darkness, out of shame, by the Cross You are the truth, You are the life, You are the way!" ♥ :)

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Here’s the thing. I’m watching this movie called “Mary of Nazareth” where Mary the Mother of God is played by the actress who was Anakin Skywalker’s mom in the Phantom Menace, and Jesus is Christian Bale (ie Batman). I’ve always had a huge crush on Christian Bale, so though this might just be the most EPIC retelling of our salvation history, I can’t help but feeling like I may be in a state of sin by crushing on Jesus…

this is the one time it would NOT be technically heretical to say “Christian Bale is God”… All I gotta say is if some girl who’s also in love with Mr. Bale happens to watch this movie just for the sake of seeing him and hears the Gospel for the first time…hey I mean it can’t be THAT bad! 

…but seriously I can’t handle myself right now.

He is literally one of the most beautiful creatures God ever made so this role to me is entirely appropriate. 

As if I couldn’t love Christian Bale any more, now he’s playing God.

Lord, please forgive me. 

It’s perfect.

It’s God + Christian Bale = my heart

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That in a culture where it’s the tendency to bend, you’ll stand. That in situations where there’s tendency to look the other way, you’ll look for help. That, at times in the church when there’s a tendency to be divisive on the secondary and a unified front of silence on the painful, you’ll seek to rightly divide the truth and unify the brokenhearted.

Because if Christ is The Truth — then where there isn’t Truth, there isn’t Christ. Why ever be afraid of the Truth?

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Happy feast day of Saint Joseph!!! <3

P.S. Saint Joe was a strong, kick-ass kinda man (with intense humility - imagine!), not some old wrinkly fart that popular art tries to depict him as. I mean come on people! Do you really think that God would have chosen him if Joseph was just a wimp? Um no. He raised Jesus & was married to Mary, that makes him a total badass on every level of badass. We need to give him more credit. Seriously ya’ll.

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Cigarettes and Holiness

   You know something that has really been placed on my heart is this:
Smoking is not only bad for our bodies but truly detrimental to our souls. So I’ll state my case. Now hear me out please.
    In Scripture it says that our bodies are temples of the Holy Spirit and that our bodies are not our own, but were in fact bought at the price of Christ’s very blood. Our bodies are gifts from God and as believers in Jesus Christ (Christians) we have a duty to safeguard our bodies & our souls. Since modern science & countless studies have shown how detrimental cigarettes are, it truly is an offense against our bodies & therefore God to indulge in smoking them. It’s irresponsible to ignore this truthful information, and there’s really no excuse for it. Besides smoking is linked to cancer, and cancer is deadly.
   Obviously we all know that suicide is a grievous offense against our souls and God, but when we choose to smoke that is essentially what we are doing - committing suicide. We are directly willing and ensuring our end and that is contrary to preserving our overall wellbeing (clearly). As Christians we cannot justify smoking cigarettes. Because in choosing to smoke we are directly willing the damage & deterioration of our health/bodies. This is sinful and irresponsible considering that our bodies are such an incredible gift from God. We are made in HIS IMAGE. When we take away from that we not only hurt ourselves but put a strain on our relationship with God. Now I want to make it CLEAR that I am NOT condemning smokers. I’m not saying you’re a bad Christian or an evil person. Not at all. I know that many people battle with an addiction to smoking, and I know it can leave people feeling powerless after years of a struggle with this addiction. I also know a lot of people that find it as a mode of relaxation. In fact there are many people in my life whom I sincerely LOVE (friends & family) that do smoke. These are a lot of genuinely good people who in their lives do strive for good. So I’m NOT condemning them or speaking out of hate.
   I just want to say this: if you are a smoker, before you light another cigarette, consider how much you are loved by God and what a great gift your body is. I’m asking you to use the faith & reason we all received through the countless graces of our baptism. Think before you light one up. Maybe it could not only save your life, but also your soul.
   I rest my case.

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