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Cigarettes and Holiness

   You know something that has really been placed on my heart is this:
Smoking is not only bad for our bodies but truly detrimental to our souls. So I’ll state my case. Now hear me out please.
    In Scripture it says that our bodies are temples of the Holy Spirit and that our bodies are not our own, but were in fact bought at the price of Christ’s very blood. Our bodies are gifts from God and as believers in Jesus Christ (Christians) we have a duty to safeguard our bodies & our souls. Since modern science & countless studies have shown how detrimental cigarettes are, it truly is an offense against our bodies & therefore God to indulge in smoking them. It’s irresponsible to ignore this truthful information, and there’s really no excuse for it. Besides smoking is linked to cancer, and cancer is deadly.
   Obviously we all know that suicide is a grievous offense against our souls and God, but when we choose to smoke that is essentially what we are doing - committing suicide. We are directly willing and ensuring our end and that is contrary to preserving our overall wellbeing (clearly). As Christians we cannot justify smoking cigarettes. Because in choosing to smoke we are directly willing the damage & deterioration of our health/bodies. This is sinful and irresponsible considering that our bodies are such an incredible gift from God. We are made in HIS IMAGE. When we take away from that we not only hurt ourselves but put a strain on our relationship with God. Now I want to make it CLEAR that I am NOT condemning smokers. I’m not saying you’re a bad Christian or an evil person. Not at all. I know that many people battle with an addiction to smoking, and I know it can leave people feeling powerless after years of a struggle with this addiction. I also know a lot of people that find it as a mode of relaxation. In fact there are many people in my life whom I sincerely LOVE (friends & family) that do smoke. These are a lot of genuinely good people who in their lives do strive for good. So I’m NOT condemning them or speaking out of hate.
   I just want to say this: if you are a smoker, before you light another cigarette, consider how much you are loved by God and what a great gift your body is. I’m asking you to use the faith & reason we all received through the countless graces of our baptism. Think before you light one up. Maybe it could not only save your life, but also your soul.
   I rest my case.

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