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this is for all the kids who glow in the dark. I'm the narrator and this is just the prologue.

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I’m really quite sick & tired of the average high school female. Here’s why:

Guys are not worth losing friendships.

They aren’t meant to be fought over.

If you aren’t in a relationship, you aren’t a loser.

Everyone is NOT “doing it”, so it’s ok if you’re not sexually active.

Having a boyfriend does not/should not do anything for your social status, self worth or self-esteem.

They are SOULS.

They aren’t “arm candy”.

They aren’t Santa, and they shouldn’t have to buy everything your little heart desires.

Contrary to popular belief, boyfriends are not your “hubbie”. They aren’t bound to you “till death do us part” so stop expecting husband-like conduct out of them.

The fact that you have a guy who cares about you does not qualify bragging rights, or something to be shoved in the faces of girls who are single/lonely with low self-esteem.


They aren’t something to toy with, or flirt with.

It’s not a game. 

Don’t lead a guy on if you have no interest in him.

Odds are that someone out there truly DOES care about him, and you aren’t doing him any good. So let him go, please.

Don’t try to show everything God gave you in order to get attention.

And PLEASE do not flirt with other girls’ boyfriends - IT’S NOT COOL.

If you like a guy who’s in a relationship, you NEED to respect that.

If you were his girlfriend you wouldn’t appreciate some temptress trying to lore him away from you….would you?

Most likely not.

If the object of your affections decides he’s interested in another girl, don’t just randomly jump all over him and try to pull him away from her.

That’s not cool.


PLEASE don’t write crap all over his facebook wall trying to grab his attention, don’t tweet him a thousands times, and PLEASE don’t text him to the point where you have to be blocked.

We are ladies, we need to start acting like it.

All of these behaviors are common.

They have got to STOP.

We need to stop being “a dime a dozen”.

We are sisters and brothers in Christ and when we act like this, we are no better off than animals. We aren’t treasuring someone’s soul and we aren’t treating them with respect.

So please if any of these things rings a bell for you, please try and stop it.

If you are in a relationship, that’s awesome! You have been given a wonderful opportunity to cherish a soul, and love as Christ does.

If you’re single, God’s still got something up his sleeve.

In the meantime stay prayerful and patient, wherever you find yourself in life.

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