Inside the Rebellion of Saints

this is for all the kids who glow in the dark. I'm the narrator and this is just the prologue.

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Graduation (Friends Forever) - Vitamin C 

this song is kinda relevant to my life now.

kinda bittersweet.

So many people I know graduated this year (including myself) and two of out of my three closest friends are officially out of the “high school nest”.

We’re practically adults.

We’re growing up.

It’s totally strange. I never wanted to do this. Yet so much of me is ready to leave ALL of this behind and recreate myself or just who I appear to be. See, I’ve never really changed. The core of who I am is constant, defiant and unwavering. The outside has developed some (thank the Lord) but inside I’m still me, who I’ve always been. Now with an adult shell or cocoon. I’m what society sees as “matured” but I never asked to be. I just want to be, whomever that may be, and I want to leave all of this behind so I can see who me is going to be. 

So long high school, it’s been fun (ish), but I am so glad you are over.

No regrets.


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A lot of cool things have happened in my life this week! :)

I was asked to speak at our South Carolina “Stand Up For Life!” Youth Rally - which was the biggest audience and venue I’ve ever spoken at (our performing arts center).

I sent in my downpayment for a dorm room at Franciscan University, along with my student conduct contract, health records, ect. So it’s official! I’m GOING!

I was accepted as a leader for the SEARCH retreat team. :)

I registered to vote.

the commercial I was asked to do for CatholicTV premiered, with awesome feedback!

and tomorrow I’m going to Washington DC for the National Pro-Life March!! 3rd year in a row. I’m really excited because this year I’m making the trip solo (no group) and I’m bringing along my lil sis Anna & my madre. :) The march is so inspiring! Pray for us all who are gathering please!

I’m super excited because Mother Of Divine Grace (the national homeschooling association I’m a part of) has set up a “prom”. So we’re all meeting up from across the country (and some people from Canada) in Washington —- it should be a blast!

God is good <3

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