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this is for all the kids who glow in the dark. I'm the narrator and this is just the prologue.

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I got a little emotional tonight as I watched TLC’s Irish dancing special. I cried very unexpectedly. See it all hit me that I actually DO love dance. These past few years so much has changed in the dancing world (& will continue to change) - lots of things I didnt like nor agree with…but when I look at the true essence of dance, what alway drew me to it…that still remains. I remember now why I loved it SO much as a little girl. Its the people, the Irish music (yes the ENDLESS accordion has found a place in my heart after all), the tradition (that despite styles, crazy fake tans & pageant dresses, remains unwavering), the culture, grace, family & art. Above all dancing should be fun. And thats the element that seems to remain neglected for most of us. But the heart of Irish dance is quite beautiful after all. Looking back on it all now I see that the past 13 years I’ve dedicated to it are not in vain. I got where I wanted & in the end did what I wanted. I’m not a world champion, but I never really wanted to be. Still I’m very accomplished & for that I am proud. I walk away from this world happy…and satisfied.

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So I’m in Orlando Florida right now:)

I’m competing in the Irish Dancing southern region championships (or Oireachtas in Irish Gaelic). 

This is my 5th and final time competing. I’ll be dancing with all the girls my age from the southern region (virginia to mexico - yes there are mexican irish dancers…don’t ask). Kinda - okay really - nerve wracking. We’re trying to recall and make the National Championships in Chicago, and the World Championships in Ireland.

One last chance. One last dance.

I’m competing as a soloist & on a team.

Wish me luck!! :)


and we decided to make this a family vacation, so the whole crew is here and on sunday after Church we are going to Disney World!!!

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So tonight after Irish Dance practice on the way home…

Mom stopped at the gas station so we could fill up & I pumped the gas while she ran into the station to get coffee.

When she came out, there were 50 cent “honey buns” in her hands. One for each of us girls.

Maggie, my 7 year old sister, who was sitting in the back, said quite troubled…”Thanks! Mom, how many calories are in this thing?” She was dead serious.

I love her.

On the ride home we got stuck in traffic (naturally) and so we all jammed to a mix cd I made in 7th grade (compiled with Raven, Jesse McCartney & the lot). I sang at the top of my lungs, we all did. hahahahahaha it is so refreshing!

Jesse sting rings true:

"Oh hey if only you could see, I wanna get know ya and to get ya knowing me…" 

How true.

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I was at dance practice today

and I was talking to one of the Moms about how uneasy I was about our upcoming competition this saturday, it being my first in over a year…

without even realizing it my eyes welled up with tears and I admitted “I’m so scared. I’m going to be praying to just get through it the whole day. I’m so terrified.”

She looked at me with the beautiful smile and said, “Mary Beth, you have a gift. You always have. God gave you a gift. Once He gives you a gift, He isn’t just going to take it away.”

After that, I went out and danced my best with confidence. 

Life can be so randomly beautiful.

I’m thankful that God sends us earthly angels to remind us of His love.

<3 :)

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