Inside the Rebellion of Saints

this is for all the kids who glow in the dark. I'm the narrator and this is just the prologue.

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I went shopping yesterday with my mom and sister anna for a homecoming dress!

I found the perfect dress, the perfect style, for the perfect price & it was the only one like it! :)

the greatest part is when I was trying it on in the dressing room my sister whispered through the door “Mary I think your favorite priest is here!” Well Father Bernard is my favorite priest in the world, he’s changed my life! he’s the sweetest man. Fr. Bernard is from africa, has the thickest accent, kindest heart, and the darkest skin I’ve seen. He loves calling me “his daughter” or “my little girl”. We definitely make a funny father daughter pair! :) So I definitely doubted that this sweet holy man would be shopping in the woman’s department at Dilliard’s in the mall. But when I walked out…THERE HE WAS! “Oh my little girl! look how beautiful you are!” He exclaimed with open arms, waiting for a hug. I couldn’t believe it was him :) It kinda made the whole experience perfect. :)

(oh and turned out he had a friend visiting from africa and he agreed to go shopping with her, but he admitted to me “I can’t believe women do this. they have to look at EVERY THING!” lol) 

But anyway the dress is gorgeous and I will post pictures after the dance on saturday!

My date was very excited, because it is blue (his favorite color) and he already had a matching tie. he’s a sweetie :)

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