Inside the Rebellion of Saints

this is for all the kids who glow in the dark. I'm the narrator and this is just the prologue.

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…people say I have a problem with it.
And well yes that might be true. I came out of the womb kicking and screaming, because despite being 10 days late I wasn’t ready in my own mind to be thrown out into the world. I’ve been kicking and screaming my way through life ever since …I suppose you could say.

I’m defiant.

I have a habit of going right simply because I was instructed to go left.
Like the late James Dean, I fancy myself to be a rebel without a cause (hence my blog name…among other reasons). 
I think the truth of the matter above all else is this: I value my freedom (of both speech & action) as well as my God-given free will above anything else in life. I don’t trust people who tell me what to do, because frankly the only person I believe anyone has to answer to is God. And honestly how can anyone be sure of whats best for me if they don’t walk in my shoes? It’s quite rational really. 
When it comes to people in positions of authority…I often wonder how they could fancy themselves to be anything better than what I am. We are all the same, all fallen creatures, all children of one Divine Being who lives outside of time and space. Obedience to anyone other than God in my opinion is slavery. I will be a slave to no one. 

Most people that claim to be “bosses” or “managers” don’t take the time to earn my trust or respect, it’s either naturally assumed or demanded. This isn’t the right way to go about anything. I will never respond to demands. 

I live by a certain code of rebellion.

I live by my own rules.

This rant is now over. 

Thanks for listening/reading.

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Who is this Jesus you worship? [an alternative & realistic look at Jesus Christ - Messiah]

I always find it a bit odd when I observe the images people conjure up of Jesus Christ.

It’s like we’re reading two entirely different Bibles at times.

The world has fallen for this portrait of a caucasian, tender-hearted, pushover with an unusual love for bright colored clothing. [Jesus was a poor Jew…]


This isn’t quite the vision that comes to mind when I read the Scriptures. Jesus knew the truth and he let it set Him free - fully human and fully divine, He walked as one among us.

The Jesus I praise was/is an unconventional, controversial, rebellious badass with serious balls. He was point blank, frank, blunt even. Unafraid to call it like He saw it. He turned tables - literally. Often times He would just call people out for what they were - religious hypocrites, close minded, and racist (take the story of the good Samaritan for example). Sure He had a soft spot for the underdog, but that didn’t make Him a wimp by any means.

Jesus was a full blood Jew in the royal line of King David (the badass who killed Goliath). His fingers were probably callused, His skin dark and worn from years of hot carpentry work in Israel’s harsh climate. He most likely wore humble garments that were far from white (and not clean by today’s standards) and His hair probably wasn’t kept.

My Jesus was a radical revolutionary. One might even call Him a hippie of sorts - living by a message of peace, hope and equality for all of God’s creation. So where exactly the modern mainstream image of Jesus originated from I can’t seem to figure out. When people speak of Jesus, sometimes I have to stifle a laugh. I’m sure from up in Heaven at the right hand of the Father, Jesus chuckles a little bit too.

Perhaps we need to rediscover the Scriptures and remember our fearless and bold Savior. A man who was tender enough to welcome children into His arms, yet firm enough to turn the whole world upside down, bringing people to their knees. He wasn’t afraid to turn the other cheek, but He certainly wasn’t afraid to let His voice be heard either.

This is the Man-God that early Christians were willing to suffer extreme torture and executions for at the hands of the Romans.

Clearly this God, messiah, prophet, teacher, Lord, savior is unconventional.

Part of me can’t help but paint this picture in my mind of Jesus with two bold fingers up in the face of the nagging pharisees. 
…but that’s just me…and I’m weird.

I suppose the beauty and appeal of Jesus Christ is the fact that He is the Savior of all for all. There are no boundaries or limits to His love and mercy. It’s just hardcore 24/7 lovin’. He can be whatever we want Him to be because He wants our relationship to be personal and intimate. 

So whether your faith is catered to the common caucasian Jesus of Western pop culture, or my rugged and radical one, the point essentially is this: Jesus does love you individually with a fiercely unconventional and passionate love. And that I hope is something we can all agree on. :)

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Wanna start a revolution?

I do.

Wanna start a war?

Let’s be a founders of a rebellion.

Forget anything that we’ve been told by this world.

Let’s stop listening to politicians trying to convince us that they can bring “CHANGE!”.

Why aren’t we the “CHANGE!”?

I don’t see why we couldn’t be.

Perhaps we are.

Well then it’s time to stop hibernating.

We CANNOT wait for good things to come to us.

We have to pursue greatness!

Don’t settle for good.

Don’t settle for anything.

Stop being satisfied with “good enough”.

We weren’t made to be lazy.

Wanna fight? Yeah?


We have every right, every power, every grace, everything strength, every capability to set the world on fire.

To send a shockwave throughout the world.

We created to do/perform nothing less, no lesser feats.

Stop waiting.

Start doing.

Live vibrantly, passionately. 

Throw your heart and soul into renewal and discovery.

We need YOU to be all you can be.

That’s enough.

Now stop giving up, stop slacking off, stop putting off.


Be all you were made to be.

Help us change the world.

Help us create a Kingdom of God here on earth.

There has been enough time spent on petty rulers and people who try to lead us.

We have to remember Who IS the King of Kings.

It’s time for a rebellion.

Are you with me?

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