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this is for all the kids who glow in the dark. I'm the narrator and this is just the prologue.

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because this picture makes me happier than any human being will ever do in a lifetime…I am posting it. 
ya’ll all will have to deal.
Because rain or shine, adult or adolescent - pathetic as it may seem - i have been and always will be a fangirl. 

because this picture makes me happier than any human being will ever do in a lifetime…I am posting it. 

ya’ll all will have to deal.

Because rain or shine, adult or adolescent - pathetic as it may seem - i have been and always will be a fangirl. 

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got the latest issue of Alternative Press magazine today. Mixed emotions when I got to the center and found included a poster of Panic(!) at the Disco. My first reaction was “OH MY GOSH YES!” and then I saw Brent, and realized that Brendon was like 18 and looked at the bottom of the poster and noticed “classic AP band poster”. CLASSIC? Yes. In what way? As in old? Am I getting old? All of this is just too much.



music freak.

it’s all the same to me.

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Panic! At The Disco to release iTunes Live EP


On September 27th, Panic! At The Disco will be releasing an iTunes Live Session EP. You can preorder it here, and check out the tracklisting below!

1. Ready to Go (Get Me Out of My Mind) [Live]
2. But It’s Better If You Do (Live)
3. New Perspective (Live)
4. Nine In the Afternoon (Live)
5. The Calendar (Live)
6. I Write Sins Not Tragedies (Live)

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On May 31st 2011

I picked up my best friends in the family van and we drove up to Charlotte, North Carolina for Panic at the Disco’s 2011 summer tour.

we sang and made merry all the way up.

after arriving, we scoped out the venue and picked up dinner (SUBWAY = the best ever). I apparently left the car door open (my mom freaked) but I was assured that God is good and all would be well. God IS good and luckily my mom’s laptop was not stolen!

we got in line outside and waited for about 20 minutes. During that time we were approached by a man who said that if we texted a message to a certain number we could win a Panic shirt or cd. Of course I didn’t win (I’ve never ever won anything in my life) but my best friend (JC Avalo) won a shirt! :)

When we finally got in it was gorgeous inside! The Fillmore is honestly the most beautiful venue I’ve ever seen a show in.

after securing our place in the crowd I headed off to the merch table with $170 to blow (I saved up all of my babysitting cha-ching). There I spotted Zack Hall (panic’s body guard) and I had a slight (I repeat - slight) fangirl moment (yeah I did the fangirl dance). I tried to snap a pic, but he caught me & dubbed it “creepy”. we proceeded to have an awesome conversation (I pride myself in keeping my cool in the coolest situations). He said I had a cool name! And i think he was tickled that not only did I recognize him, but I called him by name. :) We talked about my Panic at the Disco tshirt collection and my budget for the eveing. He proceeded to show me what I “needed” to add to my collection. I spent $65 - thanks Zack. ;) I got a tour shirt, a Foxy Shazam shirt and a panic rubber bracelet (that zack was CONVINCED would fit my tiny wrist).

The first set was Foxy Shazam! I was slightly disapointed because I wanted to see them play a longer set, but they were amazing besides! Everything I was expecting and hoping for. The opened with “Evil Thoughts”, “The Only way to my heart”, “Killin’ it”, and “Unstoppable” amoung others. Their set was highly entertaining and did NOT dissapoint. Eric pulled the plugs as usual and ate 4 lit cigarettes (supplied by the crowd) and overall blew our minds with the rest of the guys.

Next was fun. who also had an impressive set! During their set though, I started to feel super sick. So it wasn’t enjoyable to me…I left after the set, but only with Luke assuring me that he would safe my place (we’d almost made it to the front of the crowd!). I felt so sick to my stomach and I just prayed that I would be able to enjoy Panic’s set as I slapped my face with water in the bathroom.


But they let me back in and when the lights dimmed, we waited. we screamed. for ten minutes they kept us waiting while the techs checked their insturements for the 100th time. *sighs* so very typical of the boys. We shouted the cheer “PANIC! PANIC! PANIC!” till our lungs felt like bursting (I had a sinus infection, so that wasn’t hard).

THEN IT HAPPENED. They graced the stage with “The Ballad of Mona Lisa”. Suddenly my sinus pain & stomach aches faded away - or at least became more bareable.

I’ve been to many shows but I’ve never ever been in a crowd like this. we went nuts! everyone rushed for the front of the stage, regardless if their were people blocking the way or not. IT WAS MASS CHAOS for the first 3 songs. It got to the point where I wasn’t even standing, because people were supporting me up. I got glares if I dug into my purse for my camera, because the motion could knock out like 2 people on either side of me. That’s how crammed we were. And since we were all so crammed, if one moved we all did, if one fell, we all did. And we did. Back and forth, there were screams and it felt like a roller coaster. Scary, yet thrilling!

I eased my way to the front of the stage as their fantastic set carried on, playing new favorites and classics alike. We all knew the words and I felt my heart in sync with Spencer’s beats - pounding, pounding.

Then I found myself center stage. And somehow I felt like I belonged.

The first time I saw Panic at the Disco live, it was the strangest feeling in the world (indescribable), like an out of the body experience. No really. This time it felt right. They looked like all the pictures and countless videos I’ve seen. I felt inside of one of those videos, and I felt like I was a crucial part.

I sang, threw my arms up, out, everywhere, made friends, laughed, danced, screamed, pushed, snapped pics/videos (I was determined to not dissapoint my followers!!) and completely allowed myself to be carried away by Brendon’s croons and Spencer’s melodies.


They sang “C’mon” with fun., which was a special treat! :) seriously it was one of the best hours of my life. They ended with “Nearly Witches” as their encore and i managed to find Luke because it’s kinda like “our song”. :)

I got so stoked that immediately after their set, I found myself in the bathroom hunched over a trashcan with my sub berfore me…in a much nastier state. So, a kind soul bent over me and sympathetically muttered “Awh sweetheart, did you have too much to drink?” I couldn’t stop belching, but I gathered the strength and breath long enough to mutter “NO! I’m 17. I do NOT drink. I am not drunk.”

Some people are an angel. I swear. The woman got me a wet towel and some water, while I leaned against the wall and tried to clean myself up. Then my best friend Mareli came in freaking out all over me, I love my friends, and I reassured her I was fine. She helped me clean up and we discussed the AWESOME set! I felt so much better. And we quickly ran out to catch up with our friends (most of us got separated in the chaos).

Alas, I did not meet the boys, but I did meet Foxy Shazam! Eric was super cool. And he signed my car directions (for lack of better things to give him on hand). We took a picture and then i met their trumpet player/backup singer Alex, who recorded a video for my baby sister Maggie. He sang “Killin’ It”, her fave song.

After waiting outside Panic’s bus for a while, we had to go.

Ahhh we jammed all the way home. It was a night to remember. I wouldn’t trade it for the world.

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