Inside the Rebellion of Saints

this is for all the kids who glow in the dark. I'm the narrator and this is just the prologue.

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Anakin and Padme seeing eachother at SWW for the last time this year. :(

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Watching Tim Burton’s first Batman movie for the first time last night….

my first question is who the hell came up with this idea/concept?!

Let’s see

combine Star Wars (ie Lando Calrissian as Harvey Dent), The Shining (ie Jack Nickelson as the Joker…FREAKY AS HELL), Beatlejuice (Michael Keaton as BATMAN?! for the love of all things holy) and the nightmare before christmas (ie tim burton), mix it up with the musical genius of Danny Elfman and a dash of DC comics and you get a really bizarre rendition of the Batman story. I just cant wrap my head around it. Its like throwing a ton of cult classics together and hoping it will work.

i don’t understand.

and making it in the 1990’s doesn’t mean it was any better.

not sure how to feel about this one ya’ll.

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Here’s the thing. I’m watching this movie called “Mary of Nazareth” where Mary the Mother of God is played by the actress who was Anakin Skywalker’s mom in the Phantom Menace, and Jesus is Christian Bale (ie Batman). I’ve always had a huge crush on Christian Bale, so though this might just be the most EPIC retelling of our salvation history, I can’t help but feeling like I may be in a state of sin by crushing on Jesus…

this is the one time it would NOT be technically heretical to say “Christian Bale is God”… All I gotta say is if some girl who’s also in love with Mr. Bale happens to watch this movie just for the sake of seeing him and hears the Gospel for the first time…hey I mean it can’t be THAT bad! 

…but seriously I can’t handle myself right now.

He is literally one of the most beautiful creatures God ever made so this role to me is entirely appropriate. 

As if I couldn’t love Christian Bale any more, now he’s playing God.

Lord, please forgive me. 

It’s perfect.

It’s God + Christian Bale = my heart

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So Santa has stopped leaving me gifts on Christmas, but oddly enough the Easter Bunny hasnt…? So since my parents insist that I leave a basket out thenite before Easter this year I decided to take the unconventional route & left out my bucket shaped like Darth Vader’s head (its for halloween). I felt pretty badass when I woke up this morning to find it filled with plastic grass, eggs & unplastic candy!!!!

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