Inside the Rebellion of Saints

this is for all the kids who glow in the dark. I'm the narrator and this is just the prologue.

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"If you have a pulse…you have a purpose."

this video truly shows the beautiful meaning of life. it inspires me and touches my heart. please take a moment to watch this. you won’t regret it! :)

God is good.

He sends miracles in the most unlikely of ways and circumstances. <3

From Jonathan’s caringbridge site:

At just under 18 weeks into our pregnancy, Jason and I learned that we were having another little boy. Within 30 minutes of that happy news came the knowledge that something had been detected by ultrasound that required a level 2 ultrasound and visit to the specialist. The next day, our worst fears were realized as we were told that our baby had issues that were “fatal” and “incompatible with life”. Given the options of terminating the pregnancy or carrying a baby that would not live, we felt devastated and hopelessIn the end, we realized that it was not our decision to make and so we chose to leave it in God’s hands.  Once we made that decision, we immediately felt the weight lift and we were completely at peace.  We named our baby Jonathan, because it means “gift from God” and that’s exactly what Jonathan is. 

I am now 31 weeks pregnant and although there are good and bad days, I can say that Jason and I have never once looked back or regretted our decision to continue to carry this little boy. We don’t know what lies ahead, but one thing has become clear: that things are not exactly what they seemed at 18 weeks. Please see our journal entries for more of Jonathan’s story.  We know so many of you are praying for us and we cannot thank you enough for that. Keep those prayers coming! 

Love to you all, 

Lauren, Jason and Tyler”
for more on Jonathan’s life and progress go to:


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‎”In the darkest places I have found a strength I did not know I had, a love I thought I was incapable of and grace beyond my comprehension. I would never have chosen the darkness but it is the darkness that has led me to the deeper parts of who I am. It is the darkness that has shown me what is true and what is real.It is the darkness that led me to recognize the Light.”

-Elizabeth Hudacko, youth minister :)

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Wanna start a revolution?

I do.

Wanna start a war?

Let’s be a founders of a rebellion.

Forget anything that we’ve been told by this world.

Let’s stop listening to politicians trying to convince us that they can bring “CHANGE!”.

Why aren’t we the “CHANGE!”?

I don’t see why we couldn’t be.

Perhaps we are.

Well then it’s time to stop hibernating.

We CANNOT wait for good things to come to us.

We have to pursue greatness!

Don’t settle for good.

Don’t settle for anything.

Stop being satisfied with “good enough”.

We weren’t made to be lazy.

Wanna fight? Yeah?


We have every right, every power, every grace, everything strength, every capability to set the world on fire.

To send a shockwave throughout the world.

We created to do/perform nothing less, no lesser feats.

Stop waiting.

Start doing.

Live vibrantly, passionately. 

Throw your heart and soul into renewal and discovery.

We need YOU to be all you can be.

That’s enough.

Now stop giving up, stop slacking off, stop putting off.


Be all you were made to be.

Help us change the world.

Help us create a Kingdom of God here on earth.

There has been enough time spent on petty rulers and people who try to lead us.

We have to remember Who IS the King of Kings.

It’s time for a rebellion.

Are you with me?

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Overcoming temptation!

  • thekinglovesme
  • :
  • When I’m feeling/seeing temptations everywhere and I’m trying so hard not to fall 
  • And then I remember the relevant scripture and then I’m just like
  • I keep focusing on God’s Word and reminding myself that it’s not by my strength but by God’s strength that I can resist temptation. 
  • So I start believing it more and more and then I overcome the temptation
  • Can’t do nothing to me when I’m trusting in my Jesus
  •  then I’m just like, devil..

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I’m honestly excited for this next step in my life.

I have no regrets.

I’m proud of myself for making the right decisions.

Maybe I’m growing up in some ways more than others.

Wish it hadn’t ended like it did.

Wish it didn’t have to end.

But it did, so I did.

Alas I think a new wind is carrying away the old.

Some days will be better than others, but I am strong and will show myself exactly how strong I can be.

Maybe I’ll surprise myself.

"Never mind I will find someone like you…sometimes it lasts in love, but sometimes it hurts instead…"

oh Adele, gotta take my words and put them into a perfect song… *sighs*

I’m alright, better than I imagined or planned.

Maybe good things come to an end, so better things can begin.

I’m willing to take a chance then.

This is where I’m at, folks.

:) <3

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