Inside the Rebellion of Saints

this is for all the kids who glow in the dark. I'm the narrator and this is just the prologue.

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Went shopping at Gabriel Brother’s today and struck gold.

this place is a hit or miss.

(ie if you don’t know if an overstock superstore for poor teens like me that want to dress/live epically & not pay the price)

today it was a hit.

i got a young veins shirt and a bishop gorman high school football shirt.

if you understand the significance of this purchase…you are undoubtedly the love of my life & we shall become best friends. forever. lol

anyway, I’m pumped - and beyond in fact.

life is complete

Gabriel Brothers you ARE a wonder!

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I have been enjoying preteen memories and stumbled over this. My 7th grade mind had never experienced such beauty and insight. It blew my mind, and it still does. If I could meet him…I’d love to simply sit down and pick his brain. Beautiful.

03.09.2006 – no, i’m nothing like a song

I want to be a lion, everybody wants to pass as cats.
yea we all want to be big big stars,
but then we have second thoughts about that.

I don’t always deal with things the best way, and in order to try and slow my life down I disappear every now and then.
so believe in me, because i don’t believe in anything.

when everybody loves you, you can never be lonely.
sometimes, sometimes it’s not that easy.

I have this pocket watch, and I spin the hands around and around just to pretend I have control of things. a month away. we can play normal for a few days.

- ryan

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                                                                  Jon & Cassie Walker
                                                                    <3 April 2011 <3

this makes me so happy! they look so beautifully in love and happy together and I am so glad that they are married!

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When is Ryan going to give his opinion on “Vices & Virtues”?!

…or Jon?!
They’re killing me! (paricularily Ryan Ross …who more or less dictates my life…)
Now is no time to suddenly get mature and keep their mouths shut about stuff.

I mean Brendon’s lyrics suck. Let’s face it. Ryan had all that talent in that category.
Guys, THEY WROTE THE SONGS WITH A HIRED SONGWRITER. HIRED! Brendon’s all like “I didn’t realize people actually did that. I mean we didn’t have to do this all ourselves…sweet!” HELLO?! THAT’S WHAT MADE PANIC…PANIC!!!!!!!!! THE LYRICS WERE THE BEST PART! my pet peeve is bands that can’t write their own stuff. if you can’t write, then you have NO right to be in a band. sorry. <that’s what I’ve always stood by.
AHHH! I am so frusterated with this whole idea. so conflicted. the tunes are great but the substance just aint there.
a hex on all hiatuses/breakups/splits/fallouts…

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