Inside the Rebellion of Saints

this is for all the kids who glow in the dark. I'm the narrator and this is just the prologue.

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We were meant to meet and we were meant to part - but even still you will always have a home here in my heart. <3

I fell in love with him slowly and then all at once.
His very presence in my life caught me off guard. I wasn’t looking for him. I wasn’t looking for love. It just appeared in the form of a man I’d never expect to fall for. But I did. Deeply. 
Everything about him was different, and a bit awkward, strong yet gentle. I could tell he was going places…and I wanted to see where.
So I just went with the flow. You know how life goes. There’s no stopping it and certainly it can’t be controlled (at least not by me). I lived in a constant fear of messing things up and maybe in some ways I did. I can’t seem to follow rules. But some things were worth breaking. Like my ego and pride - I couldn’t pretend to be anything around him. Something about this guy made me be inexcusably myself - I loved it.
Things became comfortable and routine - yet he always kept me on my feet.

—- I can’t believe I’m talking about this in the past tense. —-

Though I may never see him again - I will remember every detail. The way his tongue catches on his teeth when he talks, his smell, the warmth of his cheeks, the softness of his hands, the persistence of his lips against mine and how we gasped for breath. 
The kindness he always showed to everyone and how carefree he was - made me in turn want to be a better person.
He brought peace to my mind and rest to my soul. I liked it. Somehow I felt he was a blessing from God - one I could wrap my arms around.
I could hardly contain myself around him simply because I felt alive. 

When I finally admitted to myself that I loved him…I knew it was done.

Now I have to let you go —- for a while at least. It’s breaking my heart, but a piece of you will always be with me. 

Please don’t forget about me.

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You deserve to be pursued. You deserve all of those “good morning beautiful” texts. You deserve to be dreamed about. You deserve a man that will be awestruck by you. WHY? Because God made you something special. And whether you like it or not, SOMEONE WILL LOVE YOU FOR WHO YOU ARE. All of the faults. All the dirt under your skin. The baggage and the scars. The fears and the failures. They say there’s someone for everyone, and I believe that’s perfectly true. God made you for someone. Sure they’re taking their sweet time (and YES it does get aggravating waiting for them to find you), but they ARE coming and they DO exist. You gotta believe that. You gotta believe someone is gonna love you. Someone is going to find you to be beautiful and see you as God does. On the days when there seems to be nothing left, you’ve got to hold onto this because THIS is TRUTH. There IS someone out there going through the same shit that you are. They are wondering when they’re gonna find you. And they WANT you. They want to be with you and share all those funny moments, all those kisses and hugs. Someone out there DOES want to love you.

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Today I march in Washington, District of Columbia with countless others. Im here to demand that my voice be heard. I stand for the upholding of traditional marriage in our country. I am NOT here because I hate homosexuals, but because I stand for the DIGNITY of humanity & LOVE. I REFUSE to define someone by their sexual orientation. We are ALL children of GOD. 
>What is marriage? It unites men & women to each other & any children that come from their union. Children DESERVE a mother & a father. Thats a fact. I’m not here to defend or bash a lifestyle or “civil right”. I am here because I believe in our future & I want to take a loving stand & show America what I BELIEVE in.
Stating my opinion isn’t hating. Everything is done in mutual respect & love.

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