Inside the Rebellion of Saints

this is for all the kids who glow in the dark. I'm the narrator and this is just the prologue.

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Hell on earth ain’t hard to find
But you can save me from mine
Stop the time’s bayonet
From stabbing all that’s delicate

I won’t be afraid of growing old
If I have your hand to hold
I’m looking for eternity
Will you find it with me

Please, stay awhile
Show me how to smile
Please, stay awhile

I am not a great man
But I’ll give you all I can
I’ll be the lashes on your eyes
Catch every tear that you cry

Please, stay awhile
Show me how to smile
Please, stay awhile

Let’s fill this room with empty coffee cups
so we don’t ever have to go to sleep
Because if I close my eyes
I fear tomorrow won’t let this day repeat

My life’s been filled with turned out lights
haunted by the hurt of closing doors
Let’s turn the locks and lose the keys
I don’t want them open anymore (anymore)

Well I see you in an antique wedding gown
and me slowly walking down the aisle
Can you see us now?
And won’t you be the mother of my child
I can see you every time she smiles
I love your smile

So please, stay awhile
Please stay, awhile

-Erick Baker, Stay Awhile (lyrics)

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Today - Joshua Radin 


Shoe laces untied
You can dry your eyes
Perfect shadows alive
Behind us
This is the day I make you mine

The way your hair lies
sometimes unrecognized
All the way from these today
on a train
Nothing to say if theres still time

But you are the one
I’ve been waiting for today
And here comes the sun
That’s been baiting on today

Lately i’ve lost my tongue
Today you found the sun
I know not long has grown
Well i thank God you came along

But you are the one
I’ve been waiting for today
And here comes the sun
That’s been baiting on today

You looked right through me
When there was no one else
I sat beside you and became myself
Today… today

You are the one
I’ve been waiting for today
And here comes the sun 
Thats been baiting on today


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To my sweet husband,

Wherever you are and whomever you may be, I know there is a good chance that you might not read this…yet still I feel compelled to jot it all down at the moment.

Waiting for you is and will continue to be one of the hardest undertakings I have ever willingly accepted, but don’t doubt for an instant that I do not find sincere joy in this struggle. Because there is so much joy in preparing myself, heart/mind/body/soul, for your arrival into my life…whenever that may be, God willing. There’s a saying that states “there’s beauty in the struggle” and I have found this to be true, because I firmly believe…I know…that you are worth waiting for. You deserve my undivided attention, and my undivided heart. :) 

Many have tried to convince me that you aren’t worthy of so much effort, time, and refusals. It has been suggested that maybe I am wasting my “precious youth” and not experiencing life to the fullest, and that when we meet, we will be completely unsatisfied. But I know that that is a lie, for the “truth shall set you free”. God made my heart for you, and yours for mine so that we may one day fit together like perfect puzzle pieces, united by an undying love centered on Christ. 

I have never ever once regretted my decision to reserve every inch of my body and soul for you. It’s all got your name on it, waiting for God’s time and revelation! ;)

Why? Because I love you and only you.

Even never having met you thus far on my journey, or not realizing it if I have, I love you deeply. (Deeper than I truly understand at times, but I do!) <3

I am willing to fight for you, say “no” countless times to impersonators of you, whatever it takes for us to finally find each other. And I don’t regret a moment so far. Every “no”, every tear, every mockery of my love for you, every setback, every shattered hope or broken heart reminds me that I am that much closer to your heart, your “yes”, your smile, your kindhearted teasing, our victories and our united heart.

When we meet at the end of that isle, we will know that we survived every battle, challenge and war. We passed every test and outshine every misunderstanding. We will know that we fought for each other. 

And we will know that we won. God won. Because the truth will make us eternally free.

I will whole-heartedly consecrate myself to you, and you to me.

I long for you and that day when we will be truly one, as according to Genesis chapter 2, “this is why a man leaves his father and mother and clings to his wife and the two become one flesh”. It is not easy to be alone, or even surrounded. Especially when I know that you are out there somewhere. It is not easy to be patient, and to allow God to be the master match-maker I believe Him to be! But I pray, and God is eternally good…He never gives me anything I can’t handle.

Know that I think of you very often, and just as often you are in my prayers!

You are always my motive and inspiration, and our future together gives me so much courage and hope to face whatever I may before that day. :)

Be completely assured that I love you passionately, unreservedly, completely…and I tell everyone the same! ;)

I’m not perfect, I can be a hurricane…but I expect you will be also. 

Just because we were made perfectly for each other…doesn’t mean that we were made perfectly apart. :)

I look forward to cherishing your soul, and being given charge of getting you to heaven! Because first and foremost you are my brother in Christ. :) I also enjoy the idea of our future family and how we will show them to be strong Christ-like & Christ-led men and women!

I know you will be an excellent father and husband…and friend. <3

To God be all praise forever! 

Until then, I will lovingly wait for you my love!

With all I am,

your future wife

-Mary Beth <3 :)

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                                                                  Jon & Cassie Walker
                                                                    <3 April 2011 <3

this makes me so happy! they look so beautifully in love and happy together and I am so glad that they are married!

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